The Lusitanian Expanse





The Lusitanian Expanse is a small yet tithe powerful system under the control of the Imperium of Man located in the northeastern fringe of Imperial space in the Centaurus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

At approximately 90,000 light years from Holy Terra, Lusitania’s location makes it the furthest human controlled sector in the Imperium and the most isolated from its bureaucracy. Its isolation is a result of the waning power of the Astronomican, and thus the Emperor’s strength, more so than its physical distance from Earth. From here the Astronomican is at best obscured and at worst hidden from the psychic sight of ship navigators. This makes warp travel a dangerous and long endeavour from both within and without the sector.

Presently, the Lusitanian Expanse is divided into five sectors of power. Each is under the rule of a praetor, who in turn owes allegiance to the caesar, who rules the expanse on behalf of the Imperium. Each sector is further divided into systems, which are under the rule of lord marshals and with the planetary governors below them.

These five sectors are:

Since its founding, the Lusitanian Expanse has been seen as an untamed and damned sector by the Imperial citizens living there—a realm bathed in blood and born in crusade, and with little of worth to be had.

Aged stars and dead words populate the Centaurus Arm, and for every planet capable of life here there are dozens more rife with the decayed and withered husks of aeons old empires: human and alien.

So many civilizations brushed aside with complete indifference.

It is a sector unamenable to life, yet the Imperium survives here—it must—because across the sector’s worlds are the tell tale signs of something anathema to all the races of the galaxy. A disturbing otherness, an outside context without malice or care . . .



The Lusitanian Expanse

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