The largest and most populous of all sectors, Tarraconensis is also the most politically and economically depressed sector within the expanse.

Ruled by Praetor Postumius Albinus, from his capitol world of Pelendones, Albinus has led the Tarraconensis on a 75 year crusade into the shroud at the edges of the expanse.

The crusade began as an attempt to stem the increasing number of clashes with Eldar and Ork raiders by creating a defense line of uncolonized worlds, to be used as anchors for the Lusitanian Navy, which would buffer the expanse’s more populous and prodigious worlds.

At first the plan worked as the Eldar had little direct holdings in the region and the Orks appeared more disorganized than first believed. For the first 50 years the Navy made rapid advances claiming the multi-world systems of Lacetani and Ilergetae.

Their progress came to a bloody halt at the Gates of Ausetani, a murky binary dwarf star system with two planets dancing between them.

Here, the planets of Rhode and Emporion mark the border of Albinus’ crusade and the absolute defense line against the xenos populating the region of space East of Tarraconensis called the Baleares Divide.

With most of the sector frantically mobilizing for the war effort, the once prosperous sector forge world Bilbillis is finding it harder and harder to maintain the necessary work forces to keep up production, and political unrest is growing as the praetor initiates a sector wide conscription for the ground war.

Minor upheavals are beginning to pop up in response to the war’s brutality, which has forced several planetary generals to act with increasing bloodshed to counter revolutionary ideology, such as on planets Cauca, Cantabri, and Dertosa. These civil wars are placing the sector at risk of failing to meet their tithe requirements.

Presently, the 3rd, 6th and 10th Lusitanian Naval Fleets patrol Tarraconensis. All are stretched to the breaking point as they attempt to support the crusade while attempting to control the escalating chaos. Chaos who some in the Inquisition claim may be the work of xenos meddling, or worse.

Additional resources are flowing in from the other sectors, but their own internal disputes are hampering the ceaser’s response. The famed ship, Pillar of Autumn, under the command of Bright Noa, has entered the orbit of the gates and the ship Commissar, Colonel Commissar Grigori, is preparing to lead the Autumn’s compliment of forces into battle.

Sightings of black clad astartes moving from battle to battle have increased spurring further speculation that the fighting in system is far more serious than originally believed.


The Eldar’s Gades Craftworld traverses the Baleares Divide and is in direct conflict with the Orks and Imperium because they are attempting to seize the Gates of Ausetani, which are an unstable gateway into the warp. On the planets’ surfaces are ancient Eldar ruins built at the height of their hedonism that if foolishly handled could reopen the gate and form another Eye of Terror.

Various Ork tribes control the planets Palma and Pollentia in the Baleares Divide and they have become increasingly united as of late causing the Imperium to suspect the greenskins are preparing for a WAAAGH, but the Inquisition believes otherwise. The Ordo Xenos suspects the Orks are being influenced by an outside force but to what end remains unknown.


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