As the seat of power within the Lusitanian Expanse, Lvsitania represents the heart of the ceaser’s militocracy.

From his thrown on the world of Lusitani, Titus Flavius Caesar Domitianus rules the sector, and in turn, the entirety of the expanse.

Brilliant in both military strategy and civil affairs, and combined with his astounding good looks and charm, Domitianus has attracted a great number of talented officers to his side and has gained the love and admiration of the citizens he rules. Having ascended to the title of ceaser at 18, now 25, Domitianus has, in his short tenure, solidified his rule and expanded the expanse’s naval capabilities.

Under his watchful eye, the renowned Lusitanian Gothic Fleet brings swift death to all that threatens the expanse. The forge worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus craft weapons of war and ships that have graced every corner of the Imperium, and the tithes of Lusitania’s worlds have always been met. Within the sector, citizens reap the rewards of the ceaser’s rule. Lvsitania boasts one of the highest living standards within the Imperium thanks to its economic might, which is a result of the medical, agricultural and military production capabilities of this sector’s worlds.

Within Lvsitania rests the forge world Evora. Evora’s tech priests toil daily in the production of the famous gothic ships that have, at one time or another, seen action throughout the Imperium, and which form the backbone of the feared Lusitanian Navy.

There too rests the foundries dedicated to producing the naval guns that rain death upon the fleets’ enemies and the tools of war issued to many astartes chapters.

As the seat of The expanse’s naval power, Lvsitania has remained untouched by war thanks to the ever vigilant watch of the 1st, 2nd and 4th Lusitanian Gothic Fleets, but peace is not so simple a thing in the Imperium as the Inquisition keeps careful watch over the system’s worlds knowing full well that the lifestyle of its people can easily see them fall to hedonism and chaos.

Sadly, in the current millennium, this fear is proving more prescient than ever before. Cults to unknown Gods are increasing in numbers and fervor. What the aribites cannot stomp out the Inquisition and deathwatch crush with fire and brimstone.

On the sector’s border rests the dead world Salmantica, which has been newly designated as an astartes fortress world. To what chapter is not yet known but rumors persist that a newly christened chapter, birthed at the behest of Lady Sforza herself, is to call the world home. Others claim a warden chapter will begin a vigil here. The truth has yet to be seen and is of no concern to the average citizen.

To the ultimate threat approaching the expanse, the ceasar is ignorant of all but the most basic of intelligence reports. Why bother him with such trivial matters is the mantra of the Inquisition and its Deathwatch.


Of great concern to the authorities of Lvsitania is the growing frequency of terror attacks and minor rebellions spurred on by a cult calling itself the Brotherhood of the Beast. It was first believed the group was a chaos cult but recent run ins with the Brotherhood have begun to paint a different and far more harrowing picture.

Few members have been captured alive, but those that have speak of beings called the Great Old Ones and their return to the galaxy. They claim the Old Ones will bring madness and chaos unlike any seen before them, which will show mankind and their Emperor their irrelevance to the universe.

For a galaxy war weary from constant war and madness, the cult’s propaganda has been written off by many as foolishness or chaos tainted filth, but the Inquisition, and the Arbites who have faced the Brotherhood, are beginning to suspect the cult of being far more than what it appears. As more and more strangeness develops throughout the expanse, which cannot be easily explained away or purged with fire, it is growing harder to discount each and every one of the hundreds of cults springing up as madness.

The Brotherhood’s propaganda is exceedingly corrosive and seems to appeal to the serfs and under-hive gangs looking for a means of striking back at their betters. This fact has drawn the attention of the Ordos Xenos who fear the cult to be the prelude of a greater threat like the genestealer cults which herald Tyranid attacks.

Regardless, the Brotherhood of the Beast is becoming a real threat to stability in the sector and it is only a mater of time before they become more organized and dangerous.


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