The bread basket of the expanse, Citerior is a mixture of agricultural and industrial worlds of varying tech levels.

Ruled over by Praetor Decimus Junius from the planet Olcades, the segment is a relatively easy going society concerned more with crop rotations and the harvest than the grander concerns of the Imperium or the crusade of its neighbor, Tarraconensis.

Junius oversees little directly, preferring to live up to the image of the fat and useless ruler, leaving all decisions to the planetary governors so long as tithes are maintained and the boat is not rocked. At present this hands off approach has proven beneficial as the heavy agriculture based segmentum's key decisions are made by those close to the problem and familiar with such things as crop rotation and soil stagnation.

Militarily the system is one of the weakest but its location at the heart of the expanse means it has little to worry about as there are no direct threats to its borders, at least directly.

In recent decades the sector has suffered two major rebellions linked to political extremist groups, which required the intervention of Lusitanian Astra Militarum regiments. This has the praetor worried as new intelligence has begun to surface of a group calling itself the Democratists is becoming active among those who till the lands, promising the serfs more to life.

In addition to the political troubles, a new threat may be lurking to the sector’s east. The Inquisition has begun construction of a fortress on the moon of planet Tarraco, but why they would in such a place hints of less obvious threats that have everyone in the system worried.

Like its neighbor, Baetica, Citerior borders a portion of space known as the Praeteritus Zone. Little is known about this small sector of space, but what is known, is that it is the base of operations for the expanse’s Explorator fleet operations. The area also hosts a large Inquisitorial presence of the Ordo Xenos, and something the pair found there forced the Ordos Xenos to seal the sector.


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