Baetica is Lusitania’s southern guardian. Its people stand watch against a slew a threats that seek to cut their way through Baetica and into the heart of Lusitania.

A brutal and cold place, Baetica is ruled by the iron hand of Preator Servius Sulpicius Galba, from the capital world of Asta. A cruel dictator by any measure, Galba keeps the sector in a perpetual dark age where kings wage war against one another for power, dragons soar across night skies, and knights backed by imperial technology stomp across the battlefield.

The most powerful of the knight houses is House Victrix, who rules over the dead world of Caesarobriga at the heart of Baetica. From here, the Knight’s of Victrix practice their craft amidst the remains of a once prosperous paradise world, which was virus bombed to stop a long forgotten foe. Here too lies the Inquisition’s fortress Tower Scythia, a sign of the Knight House’s allegiance to the sector’s Inquisitorial forces.

From the sector’s medieval worlds of swords and sorcery, the bulk of Lusitania’s menial laborers and guardsmen are culled, which leaves their betters to shape the mighty ships of the navy and the expanse’s other more technological endeavors.

Galba maintains a large imperial administrative presence on each world, regardless of the planet’s technological level, with a planetary governor who’s ivory tower makes it clear, that for all the infighting, there always remains one power whom all will bow their heads to, him.

To further ensure the loyalty of all Baetica’s dictators and kings, Galba takes the best warriors from them to serve in the Astra Militarum. Once their training is complete, Galba garrisons the new guardsmen on the worlds of their historic enemies. This strategy ensures each world has a competent fighting force loyal to Galba and the Imperium. It also keeps the petty planetary infighting manageable since the garrisoned imperial forces are not former subjects of the planet’s rulers and are unlikely to rebel and side with one of the warring factions. This also ensures the imperial forces won’t rebel because Galba could order the rebelling forces’ planets burned to ash at the hands of their enemies.

While cruel, this heavy handed approach is necessary since Baetica’s borders are besieged by a number of xenos threats, and Galba believes only planet’s steeped in violence and bred for war have any chance of standing against the sector’s ever growing enemies.

Just beyond the sector’s borders are several Necron tomb worlds that have awoken and an unknown number of Dark Eldar kabals prowling the border region for slaves. There are also numerous fledgling alien empires clawing for power here.

Worse still are the fresh reports of tyranids linked to Hivefleet Leviathan attacking Counei, which were unknowingly diverted to Lusitania by the successful operations of Segmentum Solar forces.

So far Galba’s philosophy is proving true and the armies of his sector are holding the line, but Baetica’s war footing can not continue without outside support. Soon forces devoted to Tarraconensis’ crusade will have to be diverted to aid in Baetica’s defense. Some believe the crusade in Lusitania’s north eastern sector will have to end if Lusitania’s south is not to be overrun.


Like its neighbor, Citerior, Baetica borders a portion of space known as the Praeteritus Zone. Little is known about this small sector of space, but what is known, is that it is the base of operations for the expanse’s Explorator fleet operations. The area also hosts a large Inquisitorial presence of the Ordo Xenos, and something the pair found there, forced the Ordos Xenos to seal the sector.

The genators of the explorator fleet maintain an orbital station over the border world of Malaca where many strange ships under the mechanicus’ protection come and go with samples of strange new flesh. What they have found and are researching is not understood but some claim it is the remnants of a once powerful race of aliens called the Migou. Current Imperial intelligence has shown that the awakening Necron are showing a higher than normal interest in Malaca and the Praeteritus Zone causing some to speculate the genators may have recovered something of importance to the Necrons.

In addition to the mechanicus presence, several rogue trader dynasties call the systems of Baetica home. Most notably the rogue traders of the Sforza Family, who maintain close ties to the Inquisition.


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