The southern gate of the Expanse, Baetica is the border guard of the sector and the expanse. This sector and its people stand watch against numerous threats that seek to cut their way through to the heart of this domain.

Brutal and cold, Baetica is ruled by the iron hand of Servius Sulpicius Galba from his capital world of Asta. A cruel dictator by any measure, Galba keeps the sector in a perpetual dark age where kings wage battles against one another for power and knights backed by imperial technology stomp across the fields of battle.

From Baetica, the bulk of the expanse’s menial laborers and guardsmen are culled leaving their betters to shape the mighty ships or lead the expanses more technological endeavors.

Galba maintains an imperial presence on each world and a planetary governor who’s ivory tower makes it clear that for all the infighting there always remains one power to which all bow their heads. The best fighters are taken, trained and given high technology to repel threats so long as their allegiance is unquestionable.

While cruel, it is a necessity as on Baetica’s borders are all manner of xenos bidding their time. And more recently, strange and terrible things have begun to lurk at the edges of Lusitania’s eastern border, which is playing with the minds of the superstitious here.

The Genators of the Adeptus Mechanicus maintain an orbital station over the border world of Malaca where many strange ships under the mechanicus’ protection come and go with samples of strange new flesh.

Several rogue trader dynasties call the systems of this sector home. Most notably the rogue traders of the Sforza Family, who are believed to have close ties to the Inquisition. There is always profit to be had in so dangerous a place.

Like its neighbor, Citerior, Baetica borders a portion of space known as the Praeteritus Zone. Little is known about this small sector of space, but what is known, is that it is the base of operations for the expanse’s Explorator fleet operations. The area also hosts a large Inquisitorial presence of the Ordo Xenos, and something the pair found there, forced the Ordos Xenos to seal the sector.


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