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warhammer 40k roleplay

What is Warhammer 40k and why play in the universe?

Stamps_Warhammer_40k_8.pngIf the above introduction, which is used at the start of every Warhammer 40,000 property, didn’t make it clear, allow me to further elaborate. Warhammer 40k is a universe of unceasing darkness and war. It is a universe where billions of men and women die unnoticed by the seemingly inexhaustible numbers of humans who, through their unending toil, keep the Imperium of Man alive. Death is mankind’s constant companion and peace is a fleeting memory burned away in the fires of heresy many millennia ago.

In this grim dark universe, tactical nukes are used as anti-personnel landmines, personal weapons are fully automatic 20mm gyro jet grenade launchers, escort ships are capable of crippling planets by ramming them at full speed, billions die due to rounding errors in the Imperial Bureaucracy, and FTL involves jumping into hell, navigating by a beacon lit by souls, and jumping out before the daemons catch you … 1

Warhammer 40k is a universe of extremes, so why do I and so many other people roleplay in this universe, which was created as a miniature war game by Games Workshop in 1987 and has grown to encompass novels and comics, video games, and a tabletop RPG by Fantasy Flight Games? Hope.

For all the universe’s darkness there is hope. There are heroes fighting to push back the tide of nightmares plaguing mankind. The heroes may go unnoticed by the bulk of humanity and their sacrifice unrecorded by the vast bloated government entity managing the Imperium, but people fight on. Mankind will not go quietly into the night and will rage against the dying of the light. 2 deathwatch_killteam_by_jedi_art_trick-d9vwyv2.png I play Warhammer 40k Roleplay, because I don’t want to play a game where the goal is for my character to gather vast personal wealth or rise to power atop the hive spires of a dystopian arcology. I want my character to struggle to survive just one more day, to hold on just a little longer; and when his work is at last complete, I want my character to die smiling, because only in death does duty end.

In Warhammer 40k you don’t get a happily ever after because the fairy tale is over.

We don’t thrive, we endure

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