Threats and Omens




While the enemies of the Emperor still draw breath, there can be no peace.
Captain Gabriel Angelos,
Blood Ravens


The forces arrayed against the Imperium are legion. At the spear tip of this unending war to stave off the ever-present threats to humanity are the Space Marines of the Deathwatch. They are the first and last line of defense against the most damning of threats hiding in the dark. Within this archive is a sample of the threats plaguing the Lusitanian Expanse that the members of the Nameless stand as a bulwark against.

The enemies below are grouped into their respected codexes and are each given a corresponding rating of weak, normal, strong or boss. These ratings reference Chapter III in the rules section of the wiki, specifically enemy ratings, damage calculation, and wounds and healing.


⚜Chaos Forces⚜

Infantry – Non-Daemons:
Cultist (Weak)
Chaos Astartes (Normal)
Possessed Astartes (Strong)
Dark Apostle (Strong)
Obliterator (Strong)
Chaos Lord/Champion (Boss)
Chaos Sorcerer Adept (Normal)
Chaos Sorcerer (Strong)
Chaos Sorcerer Lord (Boss)
Heretek Servitor (Weak)
Heretek (Normal)
Warpsmith (Strong)

⚜Eldar Forces⚜

Infantry – Craftworlders:
Guardian (Normal)
Aspect Warrior (Strong)
Exarch (Boss)
Warlock (Strong)
Farseer (Boss)

⚜Dark Eldar Forces⚜

Infantry – Dark Eldar:
Kaballite Warrior (Weak)
Sybarite (Normal)
Trueborn (Normal)
Incubus (Strong)
Wych (Strong)
Hekatrix (Boss)
Wrack (Strong)
Haemonculus (Boss)
Archon (Boss)

⚜Ork Forces⚜

Infantry – Orks:
Slugga Boyz (Weak)
Shoota Boyz (Weak)
Burna Boyz (Weak)
Kommandoz (Normal)
Tankbustas (Normal)
Lootaz (Normal)
Stormboyz (Normal)
Mekboyz (Normal)
Painboyz (Normal)
Weirdboyz (Strong)
Mega Nobz (Strong)
Flash Gitz (Strong)
Cyborks (Strong)
Waagghboss (Boss)

⚜Tau Forces⚜

Infantry – Tau:
Fire Warrior (Normal)
Pathfinder (Normal)
XV15 Ghost Suit (Normal)
XV25 Ghost Suit (Strong)
XV8 Crisis Suit (Strong)
XV88 Broadside Cruiser (Strong)
XV95 Ghost Suit (Boss)
XV104 Riptide (Boss)

Ground Vehicles:
KV128 Stormsurge (Strong)
KX139 Supremacy (Boss)

⚜Necron Forces⚜


⚜Tyranid Forces⚜


⚜Eldritch Horrors⚜


Threats and Omens

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