Before there was time. Before there was anything… there was nothing. And before there was nothing… there were monsters.
Excerpt from the writings of Adept Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, Magos Biologis to the Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Fleet Experientia, Lusitania Sector


It is the year 875.M41, and it is the Time of Ending.

Mankind is on the brink of extinction. Throughout the Imperium, alien empires attack and feast on isolated human worlds while heretics and mutants breed secession and rebellion in the name of their fallen Gods.

Fighting these threats on behalf of the Imperium are the Astra Militarum’s vast ranks of Imperial Guardsmen, and the Emperor’s Angels of Death—the superhuman Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes—Each face threats from within, without, and from beyond the boundaries of reality, and both are on the verge of collapse.

Fell things gather to surround mankind on all sides and the heroes of the Imperium fearlessly march to meet them. Humanity has entered its darkest hour, and no one is safe from the predations of predators.

Yet amidst all the horrors facing mankind, a newer, greater threat is emerging from the dark tapestry between galaxies … A threat that cannot be bested in combat and one more insidious than the corrupting forces of Chaos.

This threat, uncaring and unconcerned with the sentient races of the galaxy, approaches an area of space far from the Emperor’s light. A region deep within the Centaurus Arm of Segmentum Ultima on the northeastern fringe of the Milky Way Galaxy called the Luisitanian Expanse.

For centuries, the Imperium and its watchdog—the Ordo Xenos of the Imperial Inquisition—have stood watch over this sector while preparing its people for an indefinable war against a threat ill understood and conceived.

Recent portents, torn from the broken lips and shattered minds of Imperial Savants on Terra, tell of some Eldritch abomination’s return—the only warning the Imperium and the denizens of this sector have of the coming threat.
Deathwatch_left_side_image_v2.pngAt the forefront of this coming war are the members of the Deathwatch, Space Marines and Imperial servants who have sworn an oath of service to the inquisition to serve in the long vigil, but for all their training and skill they are not enough to stop what seeks to capsize reality itself.

To face the approaching otherness, Inquisitor Lord Caterina Sforza has forged a new Deathwatch team of expendables, gathered from the most hated and damned of the loyalist Astartes chapters, to investigate and fight the coming threat to Lusitania and the Imperium.

They are the Nameless, and as the greater galaxy burns they work to douse the embers of war, simmering in the Centaurus Arm, from their ancient and venerable Watch Fortress Purgation at the edges of known space.

Now more than ever, the Imperium needs martyrs. Only in death does duty end, and in death even the nameless are remembered …


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